In 2017 I’m going to do the #unreadbookshelfchallenge proposed by Twitter user @bythesheetstore.  She proposes we read at least a book a month to clear our backlog of books we’ve hoarded.

I’ve got a ton – most are partially finished.  As I’ve become lazy and am now mostly reading on Kindle or listening to audiobooks, I’m going to focus on analog books.  My shelf is an odd mishmash of horrible chick lit, draft romance novels my brother gets from work, top ten bestsellers passed on by my boss, self published stuff my mom has picked up, and cheesy self help books assigned to me by other people.  Side note:  if someone offers you a self help book, they’re telling you that you need it.  So it’s probably not the best idea to yell “BLAAAAHHHH” halfway through and whip it across your bathroom.

If you’re interested in this, you can tag your progress using the #UnreadBookshelfChallenge.  Let’s deal with this mess!


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