I used to try to blog regularly, and I’d usually give up about two posts into it.  Then years later I’d remember that I’d started some kind of blog, and I’d try to go back to it, but I’d remember that I stopped blogging in the first place because no one cares about my life.  Hell, even I’m bored writing about my life.  

I realized that if I wanted to continue the discipline of blogging, I could write about something I do multiple times a day.  Since I’m not into taking pictures of my food or what I wear, reading was really the only thing left.  I read every day, sometimes multiple times a day, and I really enjoy discussing the books I’ve read.  This was such an obvious blog theme that I feel really stupid for not thinking of it earlier.  

This really writes itself.  Readers don’t just read books.  We discuss them, and dissect them, and think of alternate endings.  We go online and read reviews, and look for hidden plot theories.  We want to know if everyone thinks that Bonfire of the Vanities is just The Great Gatsby, or if that’s just a crazy thought.  We want to know what people think Thursday Next looks like, and whether Bertie Wooster ever gets married.  We want to laugh at the books we love and make fun of the gaping plot holes.

So rather than read about me whining about my life, or politics, or sports, in this blog you’ll be able to see what I think of the books I’m reading.  Regardless of whether the books are considered good or bad, I love them all and I hope you do too.