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Young Wives: Olivia Goldsmith


I generally do my reading on my phone, using the Kindle app and from books rented from the Ohio Digital Library, but I bought this book from a United Way book sale at work.  I paid $1, and I feel like I got a pretty good bargain.  Actually, the book sale was supposed to be from 2014, and my boss just forgot to donate the remaining books.  They’ve been sitting in an empty office for a year.  So we collectively decided to reopen the sale, and discount the books.  This book was discounted from $3, but even if I’d paid full price, I’d have been happy with my purchase.

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Rattle His Bones: Carola Dunn

I’ve mentioned before in this blog that I’ve been reading Carola Dunn’s Daisy Dalrymple series out of order, and that continues to be the case.  (Side note:  does anyone else see the name “Carola” as “Crayola”?  Just me then?  OK.)  Today’s book is set in the days before Daisy and Alec get married, when Daisy is just Miss Dalrymple, and when she’s just Aunt Daisy to her soon-to-be step daughter, Belinda. This book features dinosaurs, dethroned nobles, jewel theft, and a murder, all of which just thrilled my inner hipster to little bacon-scented pieces.

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jPod: Douglas Coupland

jPod was not my first Douglas Coupland novel, but it is my favorite.  I’m a child of the 90s and I was a teenager when I first discovered Coupland’s zeitgeisty writing style. His books are very stylized, and are better in paper than electronically.  Generally a story is framed by pages of pop culture bits of internet lore, such as fake ads, and bits of what look like quotes from message boards. It’s both fun and annoying, and the way it dates the story is both helpful and irritating.  I find the references nostalgic, but I suspect that if I were any younger I wouldn’t be so charmed.  

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